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Amacha Filles Sdn Bhd (AFSB) was incorporated in 2018. Prior to this, consultancy and training on Intellectual Property (IP) was carried out via a boutique firm known as R Syahaadah IP Training & Consultancy (RsIP) which was incorporated in July 2012. This boutique firm was established by IPXM who had been specializing in the area of IP since 1996. Her vast experience of more than 25 years in this field is brought into AFSB so that we are able to now extend our training services to employers who contribute to the HRDCorp scheme. Now, with AFSB being a Certified Training Provider under HRDCorp, we are able to facilitate our current HRDCorp clients and all future clients in particular, HRDCorp employers, to be reimbursed for Training Fees incurred by utilizing our Training services. God willing, AFSB will also be diversifying its IP Training services into conducting trainings on the financial aspects of IP such as IP valuation and setting royalty rates for IP.

AFSB is all about the capabilities of the Trainers in this niche field.


The core Trainer in AFSB is a Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA UK) since 2013 and has a Certificate of Exemption by HRDCorp. She is fondly known as IPXMSamurai among her community of clients. Her vast experience ranges from being a Malaysian IP law student in 1996, to being an IP lawyer in a Legal Firm since 1997 (Messrs. Allen & Gledhill, as it was known then), to being an IP Agent since 1998, to being the Legal Officer at MyIPO since its incorporation in 2003, to being a Lecturer for Masters students on IP in UKM since 2009, to being a Consultant on IP matters since 2009, to being a Certified Professional Trainer conducting trainings on IP since 2013, to being the Legal Advisor of MyIPO from 2015 to 2016 in particular to look into TPPA amendments of IP laws and finally back to being a Consultant and Trainer in IP from 2017 until now. This undoubtedly has earned her the title of being one of her kind - an “IP All-rounder in Malaysia”. To know her in more detail, please click here. 

The support Trainer in AFSB is a Certified Trainer by HRDCorp since 2019. His vast experience in the field of finance, extending to almost 30 years, has allowed him to look into the financial aspects of IP, in particular IP valuation, in a broad and holistic manner and is able to share his views on IP valuation. He had been invited as a guest Trainer to share briefly about IP valuation in some of the Trainings carried out by RsIP, so as to alert participants on the importance of IP in the financial sector of each organization. AFSB intends to diversify its IP Trainings to include these specific areas of financial aspects of IP, by making him spread his wings into this area on a more permanent basis. To know him in more detail, please click here.

We have many other associate Trainers attached to us as well, who are experts in their own area. Their expertise are as follows:-

* Dr. Norrezan Noordin - Valuation of IP

* Other Trainer Associates such as Certified IP Valuer on IP Valuation and Patent Drafters on Drafting of Patents.

Meet The Trainers


IP Expert in Malaysia and Head Trainer at Amacha Filles

with over 25 years experience. Dr. Nnisa is also an IPMA and HRDCorp certified trainer

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A charted accountant with more than 25 years experience and is HRDCorp certified trainer

Pn. Jamilah Kamaruddin @ JK

General Manager of Amacha Filles Sdn Bhd and

IP Expert in Malaysia with 30 years of experience in Malaysia, specializing in IP & SME

(Retiree from MyIPO)

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